Chemoil S. A. was founded in 1965 by Reynaldo José Cicuttini, who together with a young group of collaborating engineers, undertook the task of creating, producing and marketing fragrances in Argentina.

It was born from the need to create a company that has as a fundamental entrepreneurial principle excellence in quality, involving both our end products and the technical support and services provided to our customers.

It was a difficult task for a national SME that had to take its first steps, starting from scratch, in a market where it was already necessary to compete hard with some important local companies and the big multinationals in the sector.

Respect for the quality approved by the customer quickly distinguished us as a reliable company, and to this day is our main asset. Through our long history we demonstrate the high degree of creativity and updating that we possess in all the fields of perfumery activity.

Over the years, new generations of family members joined the dream of the chemical engineer and the company continued to grow without neglecting the quality of its products. Our track record is our guarantee: many multinational clients trusted us and today we have a wide range of local clients who trust us.


In 2015, we celebrate our first 50 years of history, during which we continue to work with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning, but innovating in accordance with today’s requirements. We keep adding challenges to grow and let future generations multiply.

Today, we continue with the mission of fulfilling Reynaldo José Cicuttini’s dream. We honor the founding generations by working with passion, quality and tradition as the main principles, creating “fragrances that embellish the world”.