About Us


Chemoil is an Argentine company founded in 1965, where second and third generations merge into a family business and work to provide the best fragrances to their customers with the same passion as always.

We create and develop fragrances for cosmetics and body care, home care, textiles and fine fragrances.

We work constantly to create a final product that reflects not only the quality that characterizes us, but also our years of experience and the latest technology used for its creation.

The importance we attach to the quality of our products begins with the choice of our suppliers for more than 50 years, continues with the process of elaboration, development and control, ending with the logistics of delivery to the customer.

Chemoil has traveled the highs and lows of our country, adjusting to the different needs of our customers at every opportunity, without ceasing to dream and look towards a better future. Over the years, we have been able to flexibilize and adopt a certain dynamism to keep up with the national and international perfumery situation and improve our service with constant training of personnel, market research and acquisition of new technologies.

Thanks to our passion and dedication from generation to generation, we create fragrances that embellish the world.


Our fundamental principles such as reliability, creativity, services and training are the pillars of our quality policy, which crystallized in the certification of ISO 9001, which endorsed our quality history with international standards.